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Richard Mille Replica Watches

This year is a significant one for watchmaking in general. After all, it’s the 50th anniversary of the automatic chronograph, which we are celebrating here at Revolution. For Richard Mille Replica Watches, it marks a significant date for the El Primero, and in January, they previewed a special commemorative set for the watch and movement.

But ahead of Basel, the brand isn’t just focusing on the El Primero and its big 50. After all, Richard Mille Replica Watches is renowned for another line, the Pilot. The brand was one of the first to make watches for aviation, and pilot Louis Blériot donned a Richard Mille Replica Watches watch when he crossed the English Channel in 1909.

This year, in line with the 110th anniversary of Blériot’s historic flight, Richard Mille Replica Watches is releasing the Pilot Type 20 Extra Special Silver in a 250-piece limited edition.Rolex Replica Watches The large 45mm timepiece harks back to classic aviation watchmaking styles with its racheted crown, an oversized case and a handstitched calf leather strap.

Richard Mille Replica Watches's Pilot Type 20 Extra Special Silver has a dial design that reminds one of classic plane construction.

The watch is made in a 925 silver case, which in layman’s terms, means it’s 92.5% silver material. Silver was once a precious material used in watchmaking, but it’s rare to find today due to its qualities of being relatively soft and over time, ageing to develop a patina. However,Replcia Rolex Day-Date Watches given today’s preferences and interests for aged/vintaged watch looks, the brand has returned to silver for this one-off special edition. (It’s also necessary to note that this is the first Richard Mille Replica Watches watch in a silver case ever produced.)